Hi, my name is Lee Grimsditch and I’m a Masters Research student at Liverpool John Moores University. This blog is dedicated to the exploration of the poetry of Tony Connor. This blog is also meant to serve as a beacon to others who wish to express their thoughts on his work. If you don’t wish to leave a comment on posts but want to get in touch then you can contact me by email at snarlamoo@yahoo.com

‘Tony Connor left school at fourteen and worked as a textile designer in Manchester for many years. His poems – often, as he terms it, quasi-autobiographical – combine memory, experience and imagination with firm craftsmanship. The results are remarkable for their precision, their wry humour and broad human sympathies.

‘Since 1971 Tony Connor has lived partly in Middletown, Connecticut where he was a professor of English at Wesleyan University. His plays have been performed on both sides of the Atlantic. ‘ – taken from the Anvil press collection of Connor’s poetry Things Unsaid: New and Selected Poems 1960-2005


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